Bringing an Appetizer to a Party

Create scintillating finger foods on festive platters for a guaranteed success. Your host (and the guests) will appreciate it.



  1. Call your host a few days before the scheduled party. Ask if there is a particular culinary theme, or a preferred type of appetizer.
  2. Search cookbooks and Web sites featuring appetizer and hors d'oeuvre recipes.
  3. Focus on finger foods, or dips with crackers or vegetable crudites. Elegant cheese-and-cracker platters are also easy, and are always well-received. All of these options have a low mess factor, and can be easily prepared right before the party.
  4. Make enough appetizer pieces to allow each guest at least three pieces. If yours is the only appetizer being served, supply at least five pieces per person.
  5. Prepare the dish a few hours before the party, if possible, to ensure maximum freshness. Many dishes can be prepared the night before, while some require last-minute preparation, so use your best judgment.
  6. Arrange the hors d'oeuvres on a festive platter. Bring extras in a sealed airtight container, and remember to keep the platter refilled throughout the party.

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