How to Decorate the Children's Table at Easter

Let your children participate in the decoration and setting of their own table on Easter or any other holiday.


  • Leave a space in the middle of the lamb's body and write a child's name there. Make several to use as place markers for the children's table.
  • Let the children paint wooden eggs to use as decorations for the adults' table.
  • Keep the kids table close to adults so that kids feel like a part of the celebration and can show off their work.
  • Put a small gift at each child's place - a small stuffed bunny that carries a tiny basket filled with candy, or a small stuffed baby chick.


  1. Designate a room or specific area of the house where your kids can work on their table decorations. Have the appropriate materials ready for them.
  2. Consider having the adults take turns supervising the children and helping them with their projects. Make sure that adults or older children are available to help small children with items that need to be cut with scissors.
  3. Help the children make paper flowers out of crepe or tissue paper and pipe cleaners or craft wire. Let them arrange the flowers in a clear plastic vase or bowl for a centerpiece.
  4. Provide the children with construction paper in pastel colors. Help them cut strips of construction paper to glue together into paper chains. These chains can be hung with cellophane tape around the children's table and chairs.
  5. Provide the children with materials to make egg-shaped place mats for their table. Help them cut large egg shapes out of construction paper, cardboard or poster board. They can then decorate the place mats with crayons, markers and glued-on bits of construction paper.
  6. Use a pencil to trace each child's handprint onto a black piece of construction paper. Cut the prints out and place them so the fingers are pointing down. Glue cotton balls onto the body and legs (fingers) and use a white crayon to draw facial features on the lamb's head (thumb). Try pink lambs, too!
  7. Use purchased wooden egg shapes with flat bottoms either to mark the children's place settings or to scatter about the table. Use spring and Easter motifs on the eggs.
  8. Purchase a white paper tablecloth on which children can color in Easter-themed pictures that you draw with a pen or pencil. Alternately, let the children draw and color in their own pictures. The same can be done with white paper place mats.
  9. Use paper plates, napkins and cups that have been printed with an Easter or spring motif. This will help eliminate the need to worry about broken plates or glasses at the children's table. Use plastic spoons and forks as well.

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