How to Tell When a Turkey is Done

You've calculated the time it takes to cook the turkey, but you want to be absolutely sure it's done. Here's a way to tell.



  1. After your bird has roasted for approximately the right length of time (four hours for a 10-lb. bird, for example) insert a meat thermometer into the upper thigh of the turkey without touching the bone.
  2. When the internal temperature reads 170 to 175 degrees F, the turkey is safe to eat.
  3. Double-check the temperature reading by looking at the juices that flow from the point of insertion of the thermometer. When the juices are clear, the turkey is done.

Ignore the turkeys that have pop-up indicators that are supposed to signal when the turkey is done. These indicators (you might call them idiot birds) can be faulty. You don't want an overly dry turkey.

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