Leftover Candy Recipes and Ideas

Too much leftover Halloween candy? Don’t know what to do with all those candy canes after Christmas? You’ve come to the right place! 

We have tips and ideas for leftover Halloween candy, leftover candy cane recipes, and leftover Easter candy recipes. Check out these three ways to make use of your stockpile of goodies:

1. Upcycle it Into a New Treat

NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER® candy bars are delicious on their own, but they also taste divine in baked goods. Same goes for many favorite candies enjoyed during the holiday season. 

If you have a festival, party, or game day get-together coming up, why not “upcycle” some of your leftover candy into a new delectable treat? Our culinary experts have created several leftover candy recipes with maximum yumminess and crowd-pleasing results. 

Best of all, many of them can be adapted to whatever candies you have on hand. For a great “catch-all” leftover candy recipe, try the Candy Shop Pizza, and top it with whatever candies you like. Here are a few other favorites:

2. Use it as a Topping or Garnish
Leftover candy can make great mix-ins for shakes, sundaes, or even coffee. Ever melted chocolate in your coffee? Yum!

For a fun party idea, set up a sundae bar with various types of crushed or chopped candies in bowls for guests to make their own sundaes. You can also sprinkle chopped candy on cupcakes or caramel apples, and garnish hot chocolate with candy canes.

If you simply have too much candy, try freezing some of it after you’ve chopped or crushed it to use down the road in shakes and sundaes. 

3. Have it as a Snack 
Make your own DIY trail mix using leftover candy. Toss leftover candy-coated chocolates, candy corn, or other mini sweets into a mix with nuts, cereal, pretzels, raisins, or dried fruit. 

Serve it to your kids as an afternoon snack, set a bowl out on game day, or pack a zipper plastic bagful in a backpack on a hike. Each person in your family can even create their own version with their favorite ingredients. Happy trails! 

Tips to Remember
Here are a few points to consider when trying any of these ideas for the best results:

  • To crush hard candy, such as candy canes, unwrap them and put them in a heavy-duty plastic bag wrapped in a dishcloth. Then crush them with a rolling pin or mallet.

  • Experiment with your own variations of the recipes. Try different combinations of candies based on what you have available and what sounds yummy!

  • Let the kids help. Kids will love helping with dumping ingredients in the mixing bowl, crushing candy, or choosing which candy types to use. Let them wear their own apron or chef’s hat!

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