Make Time to Eat Right

Do you struggle with eating healthy? Does your busy schedule only allow for impulsive meals and bad choices? Eating well can be manageable. It takes a little time to plan and shop wisely, but the end results give you more energy by providing your body with the vitamins and nutrients we all need.

 Here are a few easy suggestions to improve your eating habits:

  • Keep the fridge full of easy-to-go fruits and vegetables for snacking.
  • Tired of carrots? Crunch a spicy radish.
  • Try fat-free, low-calorie sorbets instead of ice cream.
  • Snack on popcorn or pretzels instead of potato chips.
  • Keep easy to snip herbs on hand to dress up meals and salads. Many herbs are full of vitamin C.
  • For breakfast, try low-fat Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of granola and a half a banana.
  • Love sandwiches? Switch to pita or whole-grain bread and pack your sandwiches with vegetables. Spinach is a great alternative to iceberg lettuce.
  • When cooking, always double the recipe. Store your leftovers in the freezer in single servings to take to work for lunch.
  • Eliminate time-consuming meal preparation by prepping your vegetables days ahead of time for multiple meals. Most vegetables will last all week in the refrigerator prepped and ready to be added to your evening meals.

Enjoy these meal recommendations, all prepared in 30 minutes or less:

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