Summer Drink Recipes

Enjoy the refreshing flavors of lemon, lime, mint, berries and more with these sensational summer sips! From fizzy spritzers to frozen quenchers, these fabulous drink choices are perfect for hot summer days and special occasions. Serve up something different and delicious for kids and adults alike.

Try Tea with a Twist and Luscious Lemonade

Lemonade and iced tea are classic summer beverages. From frozen to fizzy to fruity, these new, kid-friendly twists will be a hit at your next gathering.

Mix it Up with Tasty Mixed Drinks

Nothing says summer like margaritas and piña coladas! If you’re a fan of these adult beverages, you’ll love these variations, concocted by our culinary experts.

Savor the New Taste of Summer

Looking for something fun and different to serve up to adults? These ultra-refreshing spritzers and coolers are sure to hit the spot. Enjoy responsibly!

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