Try Low-Fat Eating

There are so many new and novel ways to try low-fat eating. But while going for fat-reduced or fat-free products, don't forget the easier route: making regular foods lower in fat.


  • Change or adapt proportions if you need to acquire a taste for the lighter version.
  • Practice other healthy eating habits, such as eating whole grain products, and eating more vegetables and fruits.
  • Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks.


  1. Cut full-fat cheeses with lighter versions, such as nonfat or low-fat ricotta, cottage, or farmer's cheese in cooking or sandwiches. Use those products instead of cream cheese or full-fat hard cheese.
  2. Cut mayonnaise, sour creams, or other dressings or sauces with yogurt, broth, milk or lemon juice.
  3. Add lemon or vinegar to cut salad dressing, or try eating salad with only lemon or vinegar, emphasizing herbs and other seasonings for taste.
  4. Avoid oil by using water to cook vegetables in recipes that call for them to be sautéed or fried. Use a steamer for other cooked vegetables.
  5. Bake, rather than fry, such vegetables as eggplant or potatoes.
  6. Use mashed fruit in baking recipes, like applesauce or bananas, in place of oil or butter. Many cookbooks and boxed baking goods provide these alternative recipes.
  7. Freeze flavored yogurt to satisfy ice cream cravings.

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