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Hosting a Pool Party

Hosting a Pool Party

Hosting a Pool Party

Pool parties offer a sociable way to cool down and have some fun. Here are some steps to help you jump right in.

  • Inflatable beach balls and rafts help set the mood and provide entertainment for the guests.
  • Prepare a few indoor activities in case the weather changes unexpectedly.
  1. Remind guests to bring along their bathing suits, and towels, if you won't have enough.
  2. Plan a menu and purchase the food and beverages. Keep the food light - salads, fruits, veggies and dip - since your guests will be swimming. Avoid alcohol for swimmers: serve sodas, teas, and juices instead.
  3. Clean the pool.
  4. Provide a room for people to change into or out of bathing suits, if they need to. Have some extra sunscreen on hand and tell people to use it.
  5. Set up a number of patio chairs and tables around the pool area for your guests.
  6. Set up two additional large tables, one for snacks, the other for beverages.
  7. Arrange an ample supply of plates, cups, napkins, and utensils on the serving tables.
  8. Set up a stereo and speaker system near the pool for some background music. Surf music is an added plus.
  9. Be creative when decorating. Arrange sand and seashells in kiddie pools or sandboxes around the pool area to give the look of a seaside escape.
  10. As the evening wears on, light the pool area with candles in lanterns, Christmas lights strung from tree limbs or floating candles in the pool(provided no one is swimming). Use citronella candles to deter insects.
  11. Have some party games prepared for the event. “Sharks and Minnows” and “Marco Polo” are two traditional and popular pool games.

Avoid alcohol when swimming. Be sure to have someone keeping an eye on the pool, especially when children are swimming.


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