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How to Throw a Sushi Dinner Party

How to Throw a Sushi Dinner Party

How to Throw a Sushi Dinner Party

A fun way to throw a sushi party is to get everyone involved in the preparation.


  • Another way to have a sushi party is to have everybody make sushi rolls and nigiri sushi creations to share with the rest of the group.
  • Be sure to have a maki su (bamboo mat) for easy sushi roll preparation.
  • Search for Japanese ingredients in Asian markets and the Asian sections of some supermarkets. Also try asking the chefs at your favorite sushi bar where they get their ingredients.


  1. Use a table that is low to the ground.
  2. Provide pillows as chairs.
  3. For each person, set out a large plate, a small plate such as a saucer, a steamed facecloth and chopsticks.
  4. Set out two to three plates of prepared wasabi and vinegared ginger.
  5. Provide one or two bottles of soy sauce.
  6. Cut fish into sashimi slices and arrange them on large platters.
  7. Provide other fillings, such as cucumber slices, avocado slices, squash and pickled radish.
  8. Provide side dishes such as sunomono (pickled octopus), edamame (fresh green soybeans boiled in salted water) and miso soup.
  9. Cut nori (seaweed) into 4-by-4-inch squares and stack onto two plates.
  10. Provide shari (sushi rice) in a large wooden bowl.
  11. Provide sake (rice wine) or Japanese beer.
  12. Pass around the nori, rice and fish and have each person assemble his or her own sushi rolls.




Mary C. from TX

Amazing and imprompt and everybody at my workplace loves sushi. I'll prepare and make them ahead though; as well as have plenty of wasabi and soy sauce mix as this is the creme de crop.

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