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Make Spooky Foods for Halloween

Make Spooky Foods for Halloween

Make Spooky Foods for Halloween

If you really want to gross out your friends and family, Halloween is the night to do it. This involves a bit more than putting food coloring in the mashed potatoes.


  1. Give up all sense of decency.
  2. Make scary ice cubes. Purchase a simple latex mask and two pairs of latex gloves. Fill the gloves and the mask with water and freeze overnight, then dip the ice-filled gloves and mask in hot water and remove the latex from the ice.
  3. Add the scary ice cubes to a punch bowl filled with Halloween drinks such as vampire punch, made by mixing 8 c. cranberry juice, 6 c. JUICY JUICE® Sparkling Apple Juice and 6 orange slices.
  4. Peel a bunch of grapes and put them in a jar. Insist that your guests reach in with their eyes closed and eat one.

For an additional spooky recipes for Halloween, try Spiderweb Brownies, Dirt Cake or Butterfinger Caramel Apples.




dj p. from new jersey

The few ideas you gave were fun ideas but... the "boogers" is totally disgusting. Sorry no 5 rating due to this!



Katie i. from beverly hills

well first off a lot of these people aren't artists. and boogers... yuck =P

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