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Making a New Year's Resolution

Making a New Year's Resolution

Making a New Year's Resolution

Tradition dictates that every 365 days, you should try to kick bad habits and start your life anew. So sit down with a cup of coffee, paper and a pen, and reflect: What kinds of resolutions will you make for yourself this New Years?


  1. Be realistic by setting achievable goals. Winning the lottery, for example, is out of your grasp.
  2. Describe your resolutions in specific terms. Instead of “I don't want to be lazy” opt for ”I want to exercise regularly” or “I will cut down on my television watching.”
  3. Break down large goals into smaller ones. For instance, commit to losing weight by resolving to join a gym and improve your eating habits.
  4. Find alternatives to a behavior that you want to change, and make this part of your resolution plan. So you want to quit smoking but you smoked to relax yourself? What other forms of relaxation are available to you'
  5. Above all, aim for things that are truly important to you, not what you think you ought to do or what others expect of you.


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