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Nutrition Labels and You

Nutrition Labels and You

Nutrition Labels and You

Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, make better food choices, or have food allergies – maneuvering the food labels can be very difficult and challenging. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has great information on their website that will help you use these food labels more effectively and easily so that you can make easier food choices.

At Nestlé, we also want to help consumers make informed food and beverage choices. On all of our packages, we feature a Nutritional Compass with four elements:

  • a standardized nutrient table giving amounts per 100g, per serving and as a percentage of Guideline Daily Amount;
  • a “Good to Know” panel explaining ingredients or nutrients relating to the product, such as fat, sugar, fiber or calcium content;
  • a “Good to Remember” panel with tips for responsible product enjoyment and its place in a daily balanced diet;
  • a “Good to Talk” panel with contact details and links to consumer services, websites and other materials.

For more information about the Nutritional Compass and our Nutrition Institute, please visit our corporate site


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