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Plan a Romantic Meal to Share With Your Partner

Plan a Romantic Meal to Share With Your Partner

Plan a Romantic Meal to Share With Your Partner

After a long day away from each other, surprise your partner with an intimate dinner just for the two of you.


  1. Inquire when your partner will arrive home from work on one specific evening. Be very casual about your inquiry so you don't let on to your surprise. If you have children, try to plan the evening on a day when your partner will arrive home late so the children will be in bed.
  2. Prepare your partner's favorite meal well ahead of the anticipated arrival time. Include as many courses as you can: appetizers, soup and salad, entrée and dessert. Pick up a nice bottle of wine or sparkling fruit drink.
  3. Keep the meal warm or cool by putting it in the stove on warm, or in the refrigerator in the dishes you intend to serve on. This will allow you to present the meal as soon as your partner arrives.
  4. Set the table with your finest dishes and glasses, complete with placemats and cloth napkins.
  5. Light candles and place them all over the house. Use different sizes and colors to create a romantic mood. Play some romantic music, too.
  6. Dim the lights when your partner arrives, and quickly put the meal on the table.
  7. Hide in a room where your partner will not see you. Make your entrance after you know your partner has seen the beautiful spread you have created.

More Tips:

  • If it is too late for a meal, have a romantic dessert ready - perhaps a Chocolate Souffle or Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.
  • Use unscented candles on the dinner table so you don't mask the aroma of your meal.
  • Prepare your partner's favorite drink and have it waiting on the table closest to the door.



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bisade A. from Nigeria

Great idea. it really makes sense

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