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Planning an Indoor Picnic

Planning an Indoor Picnic

Planning an Indoor Picnic

So the sun isn't out and the rain is falling. Don't let that stand in your way. Have an indoor picnic and chase the blues away.


  1. Choose a room for your picnic that has lots of floor space. A living room or family room works best.
  2. Make a big sun out of yellow construction paper and hang it from the ceiling or on the wall. Hang a few white, puffy paper clouds from the ceiling, too.
  3. Spread a large blanket on the floor.
  4. Cut some ants out of black construction paper and scatter them around the edges of the blanket.
  5. Put on beach music and dress in shorts and sunglasses.
  6. Turn on all the lights and crank up the heat.
  7. Get out the picnic basket and pack a meal inside it. Make sandwiches and lemonade and add some store-bought potato salad and cookies.
  8. Arrange paper plates and napkins on the blanket and serve your picnic meal.
  9. Remind your picnic guests not to litter and to pick up their trash.
  10. Lie on the blanket on your backs and watch your clouds and dream about real sunny days.


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