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Planning a Mother’s Day Brunch

Planning a Mother’s Day Brunch

Planning a Mother’s Day Brunch

Show Mom how much you care by hosting a special brunch in her honor.

  1. Make the event a fun experience for everyone involved. Be joyful and loving in the planning and preparation. Whistle and smile while you work.
  2. Arrange it all so that Mom doesn't have to lift a finger. Clean up after you cook, straighten or clean the house before and after the event. Leave the place sparkling.
  3. Open the curtains and let the sun shine in. Place flowers everywhere.
  4. Decide whether Mom would prefer an intimate and relaxing event or a large and raucous gathering. Or perhaps an intimate and raucous gathering, or a large and relaxing event. In any case, consider what Mom would prefer. This is her day.
  5. Celebrate the contributions of mothers everywhere by including grandmothers, aunts, great aunts, young mothers and their kids. Everyone will enjoy the sense of community and celebration.
  6. Take family photos to commemorate the moment. Put the resulting photos in an album for Mom.
  7. Choose a menu that will be easy to prepare (especially for large groups of people): scrambled eggs with sausage, fresh mixed fruit, pastries, sour cream coffee cake and mimosas are great for large or small gatherings.
  8. Set the mood for the meal. For an afternoon brunch, set the table with the good china, nicely folded napkins and flowers in a nice vase. Add a few vanilla or lavender scented candles if you don't use flowers.
  9. Consider breakfast in bed. Serve Mom her favorite muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice on a tray. Put her favorite section of the paper, flowers and small gifts on the tray. Tiptoe out of her room and let her relax.


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