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Planning a Mother’s Day Dinner

Planning a Mother’s Day Dinner

Planning a Mother’s Day Dinner

Give Mom the dinner she deserves! From a big bash to an intimate gathering, get creative tips for her special day. Try out these recipes: Dark Chocolate Chai, Tres Leches Dessert Sauce, Zucchini Frittata, Tea Rubbed Chicken with Fresh Lemon and Cucumber Topping, Simple Risotto with Peas & Parmesan, and Whole Wheat Couscous Salad,

  1. Determine how many guests you will have over for dinner.
  2. Choose a menu. Keep in mind Mom's favorite dishes and her particular likes and dislikes. Remember that your goal is to please Mom, not yourself.
  3. Make a shopping list. Include fresh flowers for the table and for Mom.
  4. Shop a few days ahead and prioritize your efforts.
  5. Prepare as much of the food as possible ahead of time. Give yourself a lot of extra time to get the dinner ready. Mom shouldn't lift a finger.
  6. Consider hosting a potluck (at which Mom doesn't bring anything) and invite your siblings, other family members and/or neighbors and their kids. It's a great way to get extra help for the evening and create a sense of family and community.
  7. Clean the house and clear away any clutter.
  8. Set the mood. Light candles, decorate the table and set it with your best china. Dim the lights if you'd like.
  9. Take photos to commemorate the evening. Combine the resulting photos in an album and give it to Mom.
  10. Greet Mom with hugs, kisses and enthusiasm. Offer her a drink and a cozy chair.
  11. Shower Mom with gifts.
  12. Make a toast. Share with Mom how much you love and appreciate her. Invite others to do the same.
  13. Make sure Mom doesn't help with the cleanup. Ask her to do a project outside of the kitchen, like smell the flowers, gaze out the window or read a book you've recommended. Let her relax.
  14. Smile. Kiss and hug your mother.


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