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Preparing Food for a Teen Party

Preparing Food for a Teen Party

Preparing Food for a Teen Party

If they are what they eat, let them be happy, healthy and full of fun.



  1. If you are going to serve a meal, include that information on the invitation.
  2. Do as accurate a head count as possible so that you can make the right amount of food.
  3. Figure at least two to three glasses or cans of soda or other drinks, one to two servings of entree and a quarter of a bag of snack foods for each teen. Teenagers eat a surprising amount.
  4. Prepare food as much in advance as possible, keeping storage capabilities in mind. You don't want to be in the kitchen while havoc is raging in your den.
  5. Choose portable foods that can be eaten with the hands: tacos, burgers, pizza and “wraps” are good teen foods and are easy to make or buy.
  6. A one-pot entree, such as chili or pasta, can be easy to make and can be served with paper plates and disposable utensils.
  7. Offer a sandwich bar with cold cuts, cheeses, condiments and bagels, wraps, breads and buns.
  8. Place bowls of snacks around where you want the kids to congregate, such as in the den or backyard.
  9. Fill tubs, plastic garbage pails or coolers with ice and cans of drinks.
  10. Keep one iced cooler for watermelon, pineapple or other healthy fruit offerings.
  11. Consider cupcakes instead of a cake for ease of eating and cleaning up.
  12. Cut up veggies and serve with dips such as ranch, hummus, French or French onion.

Keep an eye on the perishables that are outside or unrefrigerated for a while.




Isidar M. from Irvine

I think that these are more like adult recipes. Not for teens. Try something more fun for teens.

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