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Throwing a Rooftop Party

Throwing a Rooftop Party

Throwing a Rooftop Party

For a vacation getaway feel without the expense, invite guests up to your roof for an afternoon of high-altitude frolicking.

  • Schedule rooftop parties in the late afternoon. You can enjoy the sun and still view the sunset and the night view, all in one fiesta.
  1. Check with building codes and/or your landlord to ensure that your rooftop is safe and secure.
  2. Consider planning around a theme. For example, Fleet Week rooftop parties could include red, white and blue balloons, paper airplane place cards, and paper pilot hats for each guest.
  3. Ask guests to bring their favorite outdoor snack or drink based on your theme.
  4. Attack your roof with a large broom if it hasn't been used in recent weeks.
  5. Find an electrical outlet for a stereo, or use a battery-operated boom box during the party.
  6. Provide disposable binoculars to help guests enjoy city views, air shows or sunsets.
  7. Provide travel-sized sunblock tubes and lightweight, plastic sun visors for all of your guests to battle the destructive rays.

Be careful around rooftop edges, especially if alcohol is involved. Place brightly colored scarves, flags or lights around the perimeter to warn guests.


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