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Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

Easter is the most joyous holiday in the Christian calendar. But even for those not inclined toward formal religion, it represents a time of rebirth, new beginnings and the magic of spring.


  • If you know it would be welcome, include in your Easter basket a gift certificate from your local animal shelter, thereby giving new life to both your friend and an abandoned dog or cat.


  1. Take your kids to a community Easter-egg hunt or one put on by a club you belong to. If there isn't one near you, stage your own.
  2. Give in to springtime wanderlust and travel to one of the many Easter festivals around the country.
  3. Honor nature's yearly rebirth by spending some "quality time" with it. Go on a birding trek or a tree-identification hike and take along some trash bags so that you can pick up litter along the way.
  4. Compose Easter baskets for all your grown-up friends (adults tend to be overlooked at Easter). Along with a few colored eggs and chocolate bunnies, tuck in some seed packets and potted plants destined for either a garden or windowsill.
  5. Throw an Easter costume party and ask guests to come dressed as a famous rabbit. Don't scoff - there are far more than you realize. For starters: Harvey; Bugs Bunny; Roger Rabbit; Peter Rabbit, his mother and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail; the White Rabbit and the March Hare from "Alice in Wonderland" not to mention the Easter Bunny.


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