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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Ready to decorate your perfectly hard-boiled eggs? Break out of your shell and experiment with these 5 fun ideas:

  1. Turn them into Easter animals. Forego traditional dyes, and gather felt, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and other materials from your local craft store. Experiment with making chicks, bunnies and lambs out of your eggs.
  2. Stamp them. Cut regular kitchen sponges into Easter patterns, such as eggs, flowers, butterflies and bunnies. Dip them in non-toxic paint, ink, or dye and stamp the eggs.
  3. Sticker them. Find stickers of your child's favorite cartoon characters or select more traditional Easter stickers of chicks, ducks, eggs or baskets. These can be added over dyed eggs. 
  4. Paint them. Move over egg dying kit! Encourage your kids to use tempera paint and a paintbrush to test their creativity. Use your imagination to personalize each egg.
  5. Use this as a learning experience. Find pictures of real bird, duck or chicken eggs and have your child decorate them to look like the real thing. This works best with eggs that have spots or bold colors so your child can easily replicate them. 


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