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Football Fan Hand Template

Football Fan Hand Template

Football Fan Hand Template

A fantasy football hand kids can decorate and wear during their favorite big game. Great for kids 3 and up.

What you need:

How to do it:

  1. Print the front and back templates.
  2. Next color your football hands with your team colors and or slogans. For example: #1 team, Touchdown! Go Team! Go!
  3. Follow the dotted lines to cut out both football hands.
  4. Put the front and backsides together so that the colored sides are facing out.
  5. Then take your stapler and staple the templates together where you see the 4 asterisks on the border.
You can now wear your football hand like a puppet and go for the 50, the 40 the 20 yard line, then the 10 yard line!! You’re in the end zone and Touchdown!!!!


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