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Football Scavenger Hunt

Football Scavenger Hunt

Football Scavenger Hunt

Use observation and problem solving skills to figure out the clues in this scavenger hunt. Great for ages 6 and up. 

What you need:

  • Construction paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Prize bags for the winners (for example: stickers, activity books, coloring book)
Before kids arrive:

  1. Draw 10 football shapes on construction paper and cut them out.
  2. Number the footballs 1-10.
  3. Write down the clues on a piece of paper to give to the scavenger hunters or tell them one clue at a time as they solve each one.

  1. Hide the footballs around the house according to the provided clues or come up with your own clues and alternate hiding places. Tip: You may need a few pieces of tape to help attach footballs in one or two spots. 
  2. If you have enough kids to make 2 teams, hide 2 sets of different colored footballs so that each team has their own set of footballs to find.
  3. For motivation prepare a prize for each player for when all of the footballs are found.

Sample Clues:

  1.  I’m hidden in the kitchen where things are cool. I am on it, not in it. Do you see me? (Hide a football on the fridge)
  2.  I’m with bubbly things, where you get squeaky-clean. Can you find me? (Hide a football in the tub)
  3.  I’m under cover, where the tooth fairy leaves coins. Do you know where to find me? (Hide a football under a bed pillow)
  4.  I’m with something that brushes the floor and not your head. Do you know where I am? (Hide a football with a broom)
  5.  I’m on something that gets you dry after you take a bath. Do you see me? (Hide a football on a towel)
  6.  I’m hanging up on something that makes the room darker when shut and brighter when open. Do you see me? (Hide a football on a curtain or blind)
  7.   I’m where your hands get clean before dinner. Do you see me? (Hide a football in a sink)
  8.   I’m with many letters and pictures and things to be read. Do you know where I am? (Hide a football in a magazine basket or on a bookshelf)
  9.   I’m with things that cover your feet when you walk. It can be stinky in here if your feet are hot. Can you find me? (Hide a football in a shoe)
  10.  I am underneath something that you like to sit on and watch the big game. Do you know where I am? (Hide a football under the couch)


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