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Football Squares Game

Football Squares Game

Football Squares Game

Mom is the referee in this fun game where the score in every quarter counts! Great for kids 3 and up. 

Download the Game and Instructions 


  1. Write the team names in the fields at the top and left-hand sides of the page.
  2. Divide the number of players by 100 and take turns picking squares. Enter the player's initials on each square they pick.
  3.  Number 10 pieces of scrap paper zero to nine and drop them in a hat.  The youngest player picks first.  Enter the numbers across the top of the page as they are picked.
  4. Enter the quarterly scores for each team.  The person who picked the squares that match up correct with the score wins!

You get to choose the prizes for each quarter, halftime and final score.  Plus, we've included some optional "Bonus Prize" ideas , which are indicated with a special symbol on some of the game squares.


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