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Freeing Up Kitchen Counter Space

Freeing Up Kitchen Counter Space

Freeing Up Kitchen Counter Space

Kitchen counters never have enough space. Think vertical and make extra room.


  1. Install a fold-down rack under a cabinet to keep utensils, cords or spices handy and out of the way.
  2. Put a lazy Susan in a corner cabinet to make use of wasted space.
  3. Purchase a wall-mounted wire dish drainer at a kitchen shop. This gets the drainer out of your way and frees up a lot of counter space.
  4. Buy a roll-out pantry to fit between the refrigerator and the wall. Store canned goods there and use your cabinets for more frequently accessed items.
  5. Put in a wire shelf rack to double your storage space under the sink.
  6. Buy portable shelves from discount stores. They come in wood or wire styles and are designed to just sit on the counter, no installation required.
  7. Add wire baskets to the inside of cabinet doors. Baking goods are easier to find in an upper cabinet; wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap are easy to reach on an inside pantry door; dish soap and sponges stay out of sight on the door below the sink.



Keeping Away Counter Clutter

chrissy r. from Pleasant View, TN

Great ideas and tips to keep kitchen counter clutter at a minimum. Would have liked to have seen more ideas that I have not already implemented, but these are great for someone who needs to make extra (or find)their counterspace. Clean counters make it easier to cook and bake. When I have my kitchen neat and tidy, it makes me want to bake and cook more. Good article!

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