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High Eggspectations!

High Eggspectations!

High Eggspectations!

Which came first the chicken or the egg? When you want to bake the perfect cake, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have large, fresh eggs to beat into your batter. Chickens don’t work nearly as well.

Here are some quick facts about eggs.

  • Like gluten, egg protein coagulates to give structure to baked goods.
  • Eggs contain natural emulsifiers which help promote smooth batter.
  • Beaten eggs incorporate air into the batter; air expands when heated and aids in leavening.
  • Eggs add moisture, flavor, nutritional value and color to baked goods.


Size Matters

  • Eggs are most widely available in extra large, large and medium size.
  • 1 cup of whole eggs takes about 7 to 8 medium, 6 to 7 large or 5 extra large eggs.
  • All Nestlé recipes use large-size eggs.
  • Eggs should be refrigerated.



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