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How to Perfectly Hard Boil Eggs

How to Perfectly Hard Boil Eggs

How to Perfectly Hard Boil Eggs

Hard boiled eggs go great on sandwiches, salads, or with just a little salt and pepper. They are also the basis for the classic tradition of decorating Easter eggs. Here are some helpful hints to get the perfect hard-boiled egg. 

Easy tips to prevent cracked hard-boiled eggs:

  • Allow eggs to come up to room temperature before boiling them. This helps prevent cracking caused by drastic changes in temperature.
  • Avoid jostling the raw eggs in the pot. Place the eggs in the pot on the stove first and use a pitcher to fill the pot with water. The water should cover the eggs by 1-2 inches.
  • Leave space between eggs. Overcrowding the pot is an easy way to crack the shells.
  • Never try microwaving. The steam will build up too quickly inside the egg and at the very least causing the shell to crack, or possibly causing the eggs to explode. 
Other Tips
  • Eggs that are a few days old peel best after hard boiled. Eggs are most popular (and freshest) around the Easter holiday, so make sure to leave them in your refrigerator for a few days before cooking.
  • Unpeeled eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, peeled eggs should be eaten the same day they are made.
  • Store eggs in their original carton to prevent odor absorption.
  1. Place eggs in a large pot, keeping in mind the tips above.
  2. Add water, enough to cover the eggs by 1-2 inches.
  3. Bring water to a full boil. Cover with lid, remove from heat and let eggs sit for 12 minutes. Remember to set a timer to prevent over cooking. 
  4. Serve warm or place in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process. Store eggs in the refrigerator if not consumed right away.  
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Easy Hard Boiled Eggs

Suzy Q. from Glendale, CA

Great aritcle - made it easy for me to "explain" to my 12 year old niece - thanks. Love the recipes!

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