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Julienne Vegetables

Julienne Vegetables

Julienne Vegetables

A julienne (also called a "matchstick") is a type of cut that makes a long thin strip. It's a good technique to use for vegetables and other ingredients when you want to heighten their presentation.

  • A sharp, non-serrated kitchen knife makes the best cuts. Avoid serrated knives, which "saw" through food.
  • Save any scraps for vegetable stock or to use in other recipes.
  • You can use julienned vegetables as a garnish, or use them as a substitute for chopped vegetables in your favorite recipe for a different look.
  • The ideal julienne cut is about two inches long - any longer and it's hard to get into your mouth!
  1. Clean your cutting board and knife.
  2. Peel the skin from the vegetable if necessary.
  3. Trim away any root or stem parts of the vegetable.
  4. If the vegetable is round like a potato or carrot, cut it in half and lay it cut side down on the board. This will keep it from rolling.
  5. Cut the edible part of the vegetable into slices about 1/4-inch thick. Cut around the seeds if necessary.
  6. Cut these slices into even strips 1/4-inch thick.


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