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Making Sun Tea

Making Sun Tea

Making Sun Tea

Capture summer in a jar by brewing tea in the warmth of the sun.

  • Add lemon, lime and simple syrup - made with two parts water to one part sugar and boiled - or mint to taste. (You can add granulated sugar instead of syrup, but it doesn't dissolve as well.)
  1. Choose a clear glass jar that can hold the amount of tea you want to make and has a working lid.
  2. Fill the jar with cold water.
  3. Select your tea - either bags or loose tea. Four tea bags or 4 tsp. tea will make 4 c. of sun tea.
  4. For loose tea, either use a tea ball, tie the tea up in a little cheesecloth, or decide not to use anything (which means you'll have to strain the tea).
  5. Put the tea bags or loose tea in the water. Close the lid.
  6. Set the jar in the sun.
  7. In an hour, check the tea's strength and color. If you used loose tea without a container, strain the tea.
  8. Pour over ice and enjoy.

If you leave tea bags in the water too long, the tea will be bitter.

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