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Opening a Bottle of Champagne

Opening a Bottle of Champagne

Opening a Bottle of Champagne

It takes some skill to open a bottle of Champagne so that the bubbly ends up in the flutes and not all over your guests.


  • Keep glasses nearby and ready to catch the foam.


  1. Remove the foil from the cork.
  2. Untwist the wire restraint securing the cork.
  3. Wrap the bottle's neck and cork in a dish towel.
  4. Angle the bottle away from everyone.
  5. Take hold of the cork with the towel and gently untwist.
  6. Continue untwisting, or hold the cork in place and twist the bottle itself.
  7. Slowly ease the cork out of the bottle's neck. Listen for the pop and pour.




brian g. from culver city

great article


Opening champagne

Jill B. from Apache Junction, AZ

I found that if you rub the neck of the bottle with your handfor about 30 seconds this prevents the bubbly from spewing all over. Everything else is fine.

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