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Separating Egg Whites

Separating Egg Whites

Separating Egg Whites

Working slowly is the secret, as is getting a good first crack.


  • Crack the egg at its midpoint and open with care.
  • If you're planning to whip the egg whites, take special care not to get any yolk in the white. Whites that have any fat at all in them will not whip properly. It's usually not a problem to have a little white left in the yolk.
  • Try your hand at separating egg whites when you make these delectable recipes: Clásico Meringues, Lighter Libby's® Pumpkin Pie and Good-For-You Chocolate Chip Cookies


  1. Lightly crack an egg on the edge of a bowl.
  2. Turning the egg upright, carefully open the shell into two halves, keeping the egg in the lower half.
  3. Over the bowl, pour the egg from one half of the broken shell into the other, letting the egg white fall into the bowl, but keeping the yolk intact in the shell halves as you pour.
  4. Repeat until all the white has fallen into the bowl, leaving only the yolk in the shell.

Try not to catch the yolk on the edge of the shell. It'll break.



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Leanne C. from Norman Park, GA

This was very informative. I'm experienced with egg whites, but I've never seen this explained so well on a website. Thanks. I liked the recipe suggestions too.

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