protein calculator

Protein is essential to a well-balanced diet.

This tool will help you understand your personal daily protein requirements when you enter in your age, gender, body weight (in lbs. or kgs.), height (in ft. or in.), selecting your activity level and fitness goals and clicking ‘SUBMIT’.

Your Activity Level

(Please Choose One)

  • (e.g. cardio exercise 3/week, 30mins each)

  • (e.g. cardio exercise 3/week, 30mins each, weightlifting 2-3/week)

  • (e.g. cardio exercise 3-4/week, at 30-45mins each, weightlifting 3-5/week)

  • (e.g. training for a marathon, a specific sport, or bodybuilding competition)

Your Fitness Goal

(Please Select All That Apply)

  • (lose body fat, improve muscle tone, etc.)

  • (increase muscle size and definition)

  • (increase your 1 rep max)

  • (increase speed and/or endurance)

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