Top 10 Food Bars Made Easy

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A food bar is one place where it’s socially acceptable (and even encouraged!) to play with your food! It’s a hands-on, interactive eating and drinking experience that’s always in good taste – perfect for everything from Saturday night supper at home to a large special event.

Why settle for serving a one-size-fits-all meal when you can offer a variety of foods that please every palate? Having a range of options allows people to avoid anything they don’t like or can’t have due to dietary restrictions.

The best part of a food bar is everybody gets to experiment with new and exotic food combinations. Debates over topics, like the best way to top a taco or an ice cream sundae, provide animated dinner conversation.

Everyone’s happy, especially you, since most of the work is done ahead of time. A little prep work means an evening of stress-free entertaining.

Start by thinking about your buffet in layers: What will serve as the base (e.g. tortilla)? What fillings will go in the middle? And what are some great toppings? We can help create a food bar that looks great and tastes even better.

Consider the occasion. Is it a casual get-together or a special event? If it’s casual, then your focus will be more on the food and less on the presentation.

But if it’s a special event with a large guest list, food and décor both take priority. You’ll want to put some thought into the decorations or special touches needed to take your food bar to the next level.

We’ve got you covered. Don’t worry; we’ve got tons of expert-tested, top-rated recipes at You’ll also find lots more information in the specific Top 10 Food Bar articles with links listed here. Check them out, but don’t be afraid to go beyond our ideas to include a few surprises of your own.

And now (drum roll, please) . . . Here are our Top 10 Food Bars articles:


A waffle bar is great any time of day. Make them ahead or have guests make their own. With our endless options for syrups and toppings, you can be sure no one will walk away hungry!


Take a traditional taco night a step further and set up a taco bar. Add mariachi music and a piñata and you’ve got a fiesta. We’ve got ideas for you from the moment guests walk in the door.


This is one sticky situation that you will love to be part of. Learn more about the innovative ways to turn tart apples into sweet, gooey desserts.


Take America’s favorite comfort food to a whole new level by mixing it with foods you’d never dream of. We can help you keep it budget friendly, with mixings like hot dogs and veggies, or gourmet it up with chunks of lobster and truffle oil.


The mimosa bar goes way beyond orange juice and champagne. Learn more about why it’s so versatile – perfect for by the pool and at formal events. 


We’ll show you great ways to entice friends and family in from the cold and how to send them home with warm memories. Made from scratch or from a mix, we’ve got a recipe for every occasion.


It’s always a fun day when you serve a sundae bar. We give you the scoop on the best toppings and sauces that will have your family and friends screaming for more!


Fix them fast or fix them fancy – mashed potatoes are a smash hit at a mashed potato bar. Learn how to please picky eaters and adventurers alike with this spud-tacular food bar.


Display decorated cupcakes in all their delicious glory or set up a construction zone so guests can build their own creations. Either way, we’ve got all kinds of recipes that are definitely outside the box.


Simply the easiest food bar ever. Just pour candies into decorative jars – it can be just that easy. Or, check out our suggestions for how to take it up a notch and make yours extra special.

The ideas are truly limitless. That’s the joy of the food bar. We’d love to see what you come up with – just post your photos on our Facebook page!

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