Spinach – Our Fave Leafy Green Superfood

Don’t forget to eat your spinach! This green, leafy veggie is rich in nutrients, high in fiber and iron* (no wonder it’s been dubbed a superfood!).  

Spinach is available year-round, fresh or frozen, so there’s no excuse not to eat it! One cup of raw spinach equals one serving – make a spinach salad for lunch, or blend up a breakfast smoothie, and you can pack in several servings at one time. Get more tips to maximize your veggie servings and meet MyPlate guidelines through Balance Your Plate with Nestlé.

It’s easy to spot good spinach in your grocer’s produce section—just look for healthy, unblemished leaves. Store fresh spinach in the refrigerator; it will keep for several days.

To make life a little easier, you can buy prewashed spinach that’s ready to eat. Just add a little dressing and you’ve got a quick lunch. Or, throw it in your favorite smoothie to start the day with a healthy serving of vegetables. Give our Super Fruit Bliss Green Smoothie or Spiña-Colada Smoothie a try. You can even hide spinach by chopping it up into spaghetti sauce (no one needs to know it’s there because it has a very subtle flavor!).

Spinach dip is one of the most popular ways to make spinach shine. Let our experts show you how to Prepare Spinach Dip . Or, change it up a bit with Spinach Artichoke Dip (read more about this recipe on our Nestlé Kitchens blog). To get fancy, serve it in a hollowed bread round with bread chunks for dipping. For a healthier alternative, serve with fresh veggies like cauliflower or broccoli. On cold-weather days, heat things up with Hot Spinach Dip.

Check out our top-rated spinach recipes, whether you prefer it fresh or cooked. Find even more kitchen-tested recipes with our Recipe Finder!

Raw Spinach Favorites

The light vinaigrette dressing in this Spinach and Fresh Fruit Salad brings out the best in spinach.

Spinach and Pasta Salad has a vivid combination of colors, tastes and textures with a taste of Italy.

This citrusy and zesty Green Jalapeño Margarita recipe features an exotic blend of orange juice, spinach leaves, lime juice, slices of fresh jalapeño chile and cilantro leaves. See how to make this green margarita on the Nestlé Kitchens blog.

This Spicy Beef & Sausage Ravioli is topped with fresh baby spinach greens to add a colorful flair.

Cooked Spinach Favorites

Tortellini Spinach Soup is quick and easy—an excellent choice for a light lunch, dinner or first course!

Cheesy Spinach Pasta Pie is a great meatless option that’s perfect for brunch, lunch, light dinner or a side dish.

When time is at a premium, make this easy Linguine and Spinach recipe.

Try our Corny Spinach Soufflé for a dish that looks and sounds fancy (but is really easy!).

Everyone loves pizza! Try this five-star Spinach Stuffed Pizza as a meal or an appetizer

Whether you hide or highlight spinach, it adds a nutrient-rich dimension to any recipe.

*Nutrition Source: USDA National Nutrient Database



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