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Quick & Creamy Pudding

Quick & Creamy Pudding
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Your pudding will be velvety smooth, rich and creamy, just like homemade with the addition of Carnation Evaporated Milk.

In this recipe:

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  • NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk, amount per box directions
  • 1 box of your favorite instant pudding mix


SUBSTITUTE Carnation Evaporated Milk for regular milk in your instant pudding.


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    Better than I expected

    Vicki Ott from Edinburgh, IN

    I was doubtful at first that it would make this too rich, but I was wrong. I'll never go back to using plain milk in pudding again.

  •  Star(s)


    monica mills from Kingsport, TN

    This is what I made for desert. It was awesome.

  •  Star(s)


    Natalie Beard from Jacksonville, AL

    If you really want to try something good. Pour chilled carnation milk on top of chocolate ice cream. UUUUMMMM!!!!!!

  •  Star(s)

    rich and creamy

    Ann Leaver from WYOMING, MI

    My family loves pudding this way over using regular milk. It makes the pudding so rich and creamy using the evaporated milk. I make them in individual Gladware 1/2 cup round cups so that they can take them in their lunches. This is definitely the way to make pudding!!!

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    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    Agnes Crutcher from Mason, OH

    Yes, I use Carnation when making pudding --- it makes it so creamy and delicious. It just seems to have a wonderful taste and flavor that milk does not give. It also has all the nutrition need, and this is important. I do use the Low Fat (most of the time).

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    Virginia Novotney from Feeding Hills, MA

    It's so delicious and so easy to make. Once I began using evaporated milk in this recipe I don't use regular milk anymore.

  •  Star(s)

    Great Creamy Pudding

    Janet Noah from SAN ANTONIO, TX

    This is good stuff. I'll never use regular milk when doing pudding.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick @ Creamy Pudding

    M. Hoover from CHAMBERSBURG, PA

    My husband likes anything chocolate. Used this recipe for pudding and he couldn't tell the difference. It makes the pudding more creamy when the using canned milk. I use the fat free since we have to watch the fat in our diet. I will be using this recipe all the time.

  •  Star(s)

    creamiest i have eaten

    Patricia Stevens from WESTLAND, MI

    I finally made my pudding using this recipe and I cannot believe the difference that it makes! I will never use milk again for pudding and can't wait to substitute evaporated milk with my next recipe!

  •  Star(s)

    : Quick & Creamy Pudding

    Jennifer Shierling from WATERTOWN, NY

    I fix this about every other day. we are oh yes pudding eaters. this is the quickest way to make your pudding.

  •  Star(s)

    quick and creamy Pudding

    Victoria Gahrfeh from Bartlesville , OK

    I guess we just can replac milk with carnation on most of the recipe that ask for milk it is richer and give creamier tast, I made Baklava yesterday stuffed with creamy pudding and I used carnatin milk instid of regular milk and added half and half and it was really good, I have been gettin a lot of good ideas from your site thanks again

  •  Star(s)


    Cindi Klemm from LARGO, FL

    I never knew that you could use carnation evaporated milk in pudding. I just never thought about it. This is a great "emergency essential" item to have on hand to give the kids something fun to make.

  •  Star(s)

    so very creamy

    Holly Charrier from CROWVILLE, LA

    I have used Carnation milk in my pudding for years, my mom taught me that secret along with using it in my creamed potatoes, mac and cheese, ranch dressing mixes, I even use it in my buttercream cake icing. It makes everything so much better.

  •  Star(s)


    sherry neeley from TYNER, KY

    wow, I will never use regular milk again. thanks for the great recipe.

  •  Star(s)

    This pudding is very good!!

    Tamara Brown from COLUMBIA, TN

    I love this pudding because not only is it so quick and easy to make,but it is so good too!! When I am craving chocolate,I just make this wonderful recipe and it really satisfies my chocolate craving!! I like the fact that it also makes an excellent after school snack too,so my DD enjoys this wonderful dessert as much as I do!! *SMILE*

  •  Star(s)


    kristy nichols from Laurel, DE

    it was great.. the whole family loved it and i plan on making it more... especially around the holidays,, the children like quick snacks and it is very yummy.. i like to put whipped cream on top.. and it was delicious .. thanks

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  •  Star(s)

    Sooooo Delectible!!!

    Martha Robertson from Mt. Jackson, VA

    This is so luscious, and you'd think it was made with fresh cream taken off top of fresh milk. I use Carnation for a number of things, but never pudding, but will use nothing else now.

  •  Star(s)

    Chocolate Creamy Pudding

    Teresa Jolley from Chesnee, SC

    The kids wanted something different. I made them pudding and gave it to them as a snack after school. It was a great success.

  •  Star(s)

    Reg milk verses Carnation

    R Raugust from Hemet, CA

    My nephews and I made pudding one with regular milk and one with Carnation. We agreed, we liked the one with the carnation better. It was more creamyer with the carnation milk. We still ate the one with regular milk too.

  •  Star(s)

    A great snack


    I like the idea of using low fat milk as a substitute makes dieting a lot more fun and I can still have my chocolate treat.

  •  Star(s)

    So good Chocolate Pudding

    betty brooks from Manchester, TN

    I have a 2 year old grandson who quit drinking milk when he came off the bottle. He would touch no milk products, that is until I started making pudding with Carnation Evap. Milk. I use Carnation Evap. Milk in all my recipes, probably more than I use regular milk.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    PAMELA REYNOLDS from Port Athur, TX

    For a after meal treat I fixed the Quick & Creamy Pudding. I also topped it with whipped topping. My family really did enjoy it. The grandkid's were so excited about me letting them have seconds. I also put cherries on top of the whipped cream. This is a very good recipe and the Carnation milk makes it so rich and creamy.

  •  Star(s)

    Chocolate Pudding (Instant)

    Lorraine Sturgis from STANDISH, ME

    I use Carnation milk in a lot of recipes, but this makes my chocolate pudding sooooooooo very rich and creamy. Love it.

  •  Star(s)

    I found Heaven!

    Patricia Maldonado from Houston, TX

    I tried this receipe and since each small box of Pudding take about 2cups...the can is just under the 2 cups so I just added regular milk to complete it and oh my go got 2 Lucious Goblets of Creamy Heaven Chocolate Pudding! Love this..theres not going back! You want something for late after dinner Cool and creamy..this is so easy to do!

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    Ruth Seitzinger from Voorhees, NJ

    This is an easy recipe with great results. Nice to know that you can just whip this up at the last minute. Kids love it, so does my husband.

  •  Star(s)

    Carnation Milk

    Nannette Blasen from Bisbee, AZ

    I can't count the people I have had to let in on the secret of mashed potatoe's, add Carnation! Macaroni and Cheese, add Carnation! In pudding it's dreamy.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    Judy Stuchell from Centennial, CO

    I made this pudding on the spur of the moment. I was really surprised how rich and creamy it tasted. My unexpected guests were asking for the recipe.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick easy pudding tasty

    tammie willis from PALMDALE, CA

    quick and easy tasty pudding yum yum!

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    sharon wolfe from SANFORD, MI

    The BEST tasting chocolate pudding I have ever tasted!!!!! So rich and creamy.

  •  Star(s)

    Not bad, Not bad at all

    Lisa Tenney from Franklin, NH

    never, ever thought about putting evaperated milk in pudding...well good thing i tried it, It's tasty and my kids love it.

  •  Star(s)

    Very Creamy

    Terri Weidner from Wichita, KS

    It made the pudding much creamier than just milk...excellent idea.

  •  Star(s)

    Evaporated Fat free milk

    Deborah Himes from Columbiana, OH

    I have used the Carnation evap. fat free milk with the cooked sugar free, fat free pudding. It worked very well. Kids couldn't tell the difference between whole milk and reg. pudding.

  •  Star(s)

    pudding pie

    carmelita bruen from surprise, AZ

    I just started to use Carnation evapoated milk about 2and half weeks ago. My first recipe I ever tried it on was with chocolate frosting. I read I got the recipe out of family circle and from there on I switch out all my milk with evaporated milk. I wanted to try out the quick and creamy pudding recipe. I will forever keep doing it. My husbands mom was suprised as well as my husband before this I always tried to come up with my own pudding pie and I found it.

  •  Star(s)


    Katherine Culton from Kennedale, TX

    I just made pudding with the evaporated milk for the first time and my family loved it. I will never use bottled milk again for this. There was such a difference in the taste and the text so smooth.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick and creamy pudding

    Elizabeth Wright from Altavista, VA

    My kids and I loved this one. The pudding was soooo creamy, and melted in your mouth. I added whipped topping too, oooohhh mmmmmmm!!!

  •  Star(s)


    Kerri M. from HANCOCK, MI

    Nice and sweet chocolate is my favorite

  •  Star(s)

    Carnation Milk

    Alisha Freehauf from Moon Township, PA

    Chocolate pudding is so much smoother and better tasting with carnation milk!

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  •  Star(s)


    Monica Vitor from SOMERVILLE, MA

    Sweet and Cool ... perfect for a summer dessert !!!

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Pudding

    KIMBERLY AGREN from Virginia Beach, VA

    I tried this recipe for the first time two days ago, and the taste was amazing. This has got to be the creamiest pudding recipe ever. I Loved it!! I will never go back to just adding regular milk again. As a young child I watch my Grandfather use Carnation Evaporated Milk as a creamer in his coffee and tea instead of regular milk, of course I followed in his foot steps and always have a ample supply of Carnations Evaporated Milk in my pantry.

  •  Star(s)

    Wonderful pudding

    M. Arnett from Lake Ozark, MO

    I make pudding (usually chocolate) for my grandkid (and myself!) using Carnation evap. milk. Easy and so rich...

  •  Star(s)

    Quick and Creamy Pudding

    Marilyn Doyal from FAYETTEVILLE, GA

    Evaporated milk makes the instant pudding so much better than with regular milk. Evaporated milk with cooked boxed pudding is also great.

  •  Star(s)

    Quick & Creamy Chocolate Pudding

    Carolyn Barnes from TALLAHASSEE, FL

    I use can milk in almost everything that asks for milk and even some recipes that don't. i love the smooth texture and the great taste that it gives to food.

  •  Star(s)

    " LecheClavel is always in my pantry "

    Maria del Rocio Luper from SAN ANTONIO, TX

    My mom and grandma always have few cans of " leche clavel " in " la alacena " who means pantry in spanish the name for this product in country Mexico, I just have 10 months in USA ( my husband is an american citizen) one the first stuff I bought for my " own pantry are Carnation Evaporated Milk, but I recon its the first time I used Carnation for the instant pudding, the results " delicious pudding"

  •  Star(s)


    Maggie Thurston from HOWARD CITY, MI

    This pudding is so smooth and tasty and my grandkids love it too!

  •  Star(s)

    Pudding Pie

    HEATHER Wharry from West Middlesex, PA

    I used Carnation when making a frozen instant pudding (and whipped topping) pie - it was excellent! Made it extremely creamy, even when frozen completely!

  •  Star(s)

    so quick & so creamy


    How easy is this --sometimes i run out of milk but i always have carnation evaporated milk on hand!

  •  Star(s)

    Using Carnation Milk

    Patricia Wilken from ORLAND HILLS, IL

    I never thought to use Carnation milk in place of regular until I read the recipe. I did not have enough "regular" milk and knew I could use Carnation milk and I'm so glad I tried! I recommend using it in place of regular milk in all recipes. I will use this recipe again and again!

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1/1 of recipe

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    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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    Quick & Creamy Pudding


    • NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk, amount per box directions
    • 1 box of your favorite instant pudding mix



    SUBSTITUTE Carnation Evaporated Milk for regular milk in your instant pudding.

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    Quick & Creamy Pudding