French Toast recipe collection

Make breakfast special with irresistible French toast. These recipes will make a delicious impression at your Mother’s Day, Easter, or Christmas brunch. Or pick one to serve your family when you something special on an ordinary weekend. Whether it’s stuffed, baked, or fried, topped with berries, caramel, or honey, you’ll love these tantalizing variations on classic French toast.

Stuffed French Toast With Fresh Berry Topping

This is such a great idea... there is endless possiblities for fave!!!

—Lauri G

Golden Sunrise French Toast

Great idea for french toast. Had never thought to use evaporated milk before. Comes out great every time.

—Anne F

Cinnamon Breakfast Toast with Orange-Rum Syrup

I love french toast and thought I had already found the perfect recipe. This one is awesome.

—David V

Chocolate Brunch French Toast

The french toast was delicious and a big hit with the family.

—Lynne K

Sweet Crème Stuffed French Toast

I love this new recipe. It is so good for breakfast.

—Maria B

French Toast with Creamy Maple Syrup

This was one of the best recipes my family has tried. It makes a delicious breakfast or dinner.

—Kay L

Dessert French Toast with Fresh Berries and Cinnamon Vanilla Sauce

This french toast was absolutely delicious.

—Carol M

Pan Dulce French Toast Bake

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