Hot Chocolate recipe collection

There's nothing like a great cup of hot chocolate in the winter. It warms you up after a fun day playing outside (with and without the kids!), keeps you cozy while reading a good book and makes for great canvas from which to experiment. Try one of our favorite hot chocolate recipes from the selections below. Whether you like mint, coffee flavor, Mexican hot chocolate or making yours just for adults we have a recipe that is guaranteed to please.

Nestlé Toll House Hot Cocoa

This is still the best hot cocoa recipe. Rich and creamy and just waiting for marshmallows or whipped cream.

—Kay F.

Green Tea Hot Cocoa

I didn't know about tea and cocoa mixing but it was really really good

—Misty B.

Fresh Mint-Infused Hot Cocoa

This is really good - very refreshing.


Snow-Capped Cinnamon Hot Cocoa

Easy to make with 2% milk! And it looks like a first class drink!!! Yummy!

—Pam C.

Hot Shots with Spicy Foam

Smooth, rich, and delicious! Rich and chocolatey with a kick. Enjoy one (or more) today.

—Elaine H.

Quick Hot Cocoa For One

This is truly delicious. One cup is never enough!!

—Alice K.

Chai Hot Chocolate

Very nice drink on a chilly morning. And no guilt


Mexican Hot Cocoa

WOW, this warms you up all over and is so easy to make. My kids won't drink any other hot cholcate after having this.

—Pam C.

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Liqueur

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