Iced Coffee recipe collection

Specialty iced coffee drinks are a delicious, cooler alternative to the traditional hot beverage. Find your favorite top-rated recipe in this collection! Do you enjoy the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnut or the subtle spice of chai? What about the smooth sweetness of dulche de leche? Whatever your preference is, we have a 5-star recipe you’ll love. No specialty equipment or grande price tag is needed to enjoy these beverages.

Café Collections Iced Coffee

It tastes better than the chain coffeehouses at a fraction of the cost.


Iced Hazelnut Coffee

The perfect afternoon treat for me!


Nescafé Arctic Java

This is soo good I've been making one everyday!


Iced Coffee

This is the perfect beverage for a hot summer night.


Thai Iced Coffee

Love this recipe!!!


Iced Latte

This hits the spot for that afternoon slump without forking out $5


Iced Mochaccino

WOW This is a wonderful summer drink and I don't have to leave home for it anymore.

—Jane M.

Cappuccino Chill

A refreshing way to drink coffee on a hot summer day.


Tres Leches Iced Latte

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