S'Mores Desserts recipe collection

You don’t need a campfire to indulge the delicious flavors of milk chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker. Now you can enjoy s’mores warm and gooey or chilled to perfection, jumbled in a bar or neatly layered in a torte, smooth in a pie or with a little bit of crunch. Stick with the classic trio of flavors or experiment with recipes that throw in a new twist like peanut butter, Nestlé® Toll House® cookies, or chocolate cake. Just be sure you make plenty of extra, because everyone will want “some more!”

Frozen S'More Pops

This is the "best little bit of heaven" recipe.

—Cyndi M.

Gimme S’More Pie

Everyone loved it! The only problem: none left for the next day's left-overs.

—E. F.

S’More Brownies

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S'More Pie

This recipe was so easy and a big hit with the little kids and BIG kids too.

—Ann L.

Sensational S'More Torte

I thought Smores were excellent, but this is 100% better.

—Elaine H.

Salty Peanut Butter S'More

Loved them with or without the campfire.

—Veronica E.

S'mores That CRUNCH!

I have found a new twist on an old favorite..thanks!


NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Cookie S'mores

Many happy camping trips included this treat around the campfire.

—Kim M.

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